Morotai – the new Eco Tourism Destination

Location: north east of Indonesia. GPS location 2°19’N, 128°32’E.
Accessibility: via scheduled flights from major cities or by boat from Tobelo, Halmahera, Indonesia
There is an existing airport with 2.4 km landing strip able to support a 737.

Our project concept

There is much debate about sustainable development and corporate-social- responsibility combined with business opportunities and ethics.
We are determined to create a benchmark development project which leans on leading edge planning expertise, and  protection of the environment.

Our core business

We are an Economic-Social-Investment Corporation using Land Development as the instrument in developing responsible tourism. We believe in Land Development which enables community well being.

Our development mandate is to preserves and develop Morotai’s natural resources and beauty through careful management guided by ecological principles.

Also our development team is focused on creating:

  • Natural Environmental Resorts
  • Green Housing Developments
  • Holistic Health centers

We practice Water Conservation, Energy Efficiency, and a Healthy Living Environment.

Infrastructure such as green power sources, and community development for the local residents is part of our vision for a sustainable built environment.